Mobile, transportable and shipboard systems
Mobile, transportable and shipboard systems

Mobile, Transportable and Shipboard Systems

1 to 13 Meter Antennas for Mobile Applications
Viasat has a long history of designing, manufacturing, and testing mobile, transportable, and shipboard antenna systems.
  • High-efficiency dual-shaped reflectors for optimum G/T

  • A variety of antenna aperture sizes from 1 to 13 meters used in a variety of mobile applications

  • Dual-drive motors in each axis on all systems for reliability and backlash elimination

  • Synthesized up- and downconverters for full frequency band coverage

  • Full station automation using both UNIX and Windows platforms

We are ideally suited to provide a system tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

  • S-band transmit capability for uplink commands

  • High dynamics Elevation/Azimuth/Tilt, Elevation/Azimuth/Train and X/Y pedestals

  • Digitally implemented servo controls with optimal state model filtering for the ultimate in tracking accuracy

  • Built-in automated system tests for system troubleshooting and confidence

  • Automated scheduler, with priority contention resolution for planning satellite pass data reception