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If you are a ViaSat direct customer, or are a representative or consultant with a current contract and agreement, you can be approved for access. Please select the customer extranet you would like to log into, or request an account. 

General Technical Support

General technical support, case management, RMA creation and documentation.

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Customers: Tactical Networking, UHF, AltaSec, InLine Media Encryptor

ViaSat Data Controllers - VDC-500, VDC-550, VDC-600, VDC-800, ViaSat eMail

UHF - RT-1828, RT-1829, RT-1830, MD-1324, DOCCT/S

AltaSec - KG-250, KG-250X, KG-255, VINE, xPEP, IPS-250

InLine Media Encryptor - KG-200, KG-201, KG-200R

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Satellite Networks (VSAT) Customers

(LinkWay, LinkStar, Skylinx)

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Government Network Planning — Visio Stencils 

The following zipped file contains a Microsoft Visio® stencil (.vss file) with ViaSat communications products.

Download ViaSat Stencil