Man video conferencing using Office Hours data.

An easy way to work from home without using your High-Speed Data*

Office Hours covers a wide range of popular business applications, including:


  • Web browsing and web-based tools like Google, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Bulk transfers like Dropbox, Sharepoint
  • Real-time communications like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams
  • Network storage like iDrive, Sharepoint
  • VPN, email, and more

*Not all internet traffic sources are identifiable and available to benefit from Office Hours. Office Hours does not include video streaming, real-time entertainment, peer-to-peer networking, gaming, and any other categories of internet content not specifically stated above. Available time may vary by location. Please speak with a customer service representative to be sure your applications qualify. If you use an application that falls under one of the above-mentioned categories of internet content but is not included, please contact Viasat at to request for the application to be added to Office Hours. For additional details, click here.

Now you can work from home without using your data!

Office Hours can be added to plans for just $40/mo.


Are you a current Viasat Internet customer? Call us at 1-855-463-9333 to add Office Hours to your plan.


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Frequently asked questions

Office Hours is an optional service you may add to select Viasat Internet plans, allowing the ability to use popular business applications every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time without using your plan's data. Times vary by location. Learn more here.

Office Hours users who use more than 2 TB in a month, which represents the top percentage of users during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time, may be contacted and asked to reduce usage of Office Hours. If your usage pattern exceeds the prior referenced amount for two months in a six-month period, Viasat may terminate or suspend your use of Office Hours.

Business apps that meet the classification of one of the following categories of internet content are included (but not limited to): web browsing and web-based tools (e.g., Google, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Suite), bulk transfers (e.g., Dropbox, SharePoint), real-time communications (e.g., Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams), network storage (e.g., iDrive, SharePoint), social networking (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, minus video streaming), VPN, or email. Please speak with a customer service representative to be sure applications qualify, and request to add an application if it is not included, but falls under on of the above-mentioned categories.

Office Hours is just $40/mo. additional to the cost of your Viasat Internet plan.