Link 16/MIDS Tactical Data Links

Viasat's Small Tactical Terminal Becomes First Link 16 Radio to Successfully Pass Live RF Testing for the Canadian Army's Air Space Coordination Centre Modernization Project

Small Tactical Terminal Approved for Use across the Canadian Armed Forces; Highlights Interoperability of the Terminal across Platforms and Missions

Royal Canadian Navy Deploys Viasat's End-to-End Link 16 Communications System on its Halifax-Class Frigates

Fleet-wide Link 16 Multilink Upgrade to Provide the Royal Canadian Navy with Capabilities to Thwart Threats at Sea 

Viasat Tripling MIDS JTRS Production Capabilities for U.S. Airborne Forces

Viasat Secures Multi-Year Contract for its Small Tactical Terminals on Apache Guardian Aircraft

Lockheed Martin Taps Viasat's Datalink Communications System for the U.S. Navy's Long Range Anti-Ship Missile Integration and Test Program

Boeing Taps Viasat's Small Tactical Terminal for the U.S. Marine Corps' AV-8B Harrier Attack Aircraft Program


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