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Almost half of the population in Mexico does not have access to the Internet

We are Viasat and we are working to change this situation in thousands of rural communities throughout Mexico. We install fast and affordable Wi-Fi access points in areas with no or poor connectivity.

A world of opportunities

Help the children with their homework. Connect people with their families who live far away. Help farmers run their businesses. Access to the Internet can transform lives, which is why we take it to the most difficult to reach places in Mexico.

Equal access for all

We want to bring the Community Internet to the areas of Mexico where it is most needed, because we believe that everyone deserves to have equal access to the Internet.

How the Community Internet works

Community residents purchase prepaid Internet from the local Viasat dealer, which allows them to connect to our satellite Internet network through a local Wi-Fi connection.


Community Internet in action

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Bringing Connectivity

Viasat already provides Internet access to more than a million people throughout Mexico, who are just a few meters from a Community Internet access point. In this way, we continue to work to connect hundreds of new communities each month.

Join us

Are you interested in connecting your community and becoming a Community Internet service provider? 

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Viasat Urban Wi-Fi

Filling the gaps in coverage for urban communities.

Viasat is bringing Wi-Fi hotspots to major cities in Mexico to better serve all communities — even those in bustling city centers. Viasat Urban Wi-Fi delivers high-quality service and affordable pricing that is highly-competitive to other terrestrial internet providers —with speeds up to 8 times faster than DSL and most mobile services— to provide connectivity in areas where mobile coverage is lacking.

  • Fast speeds, with many major cities such as Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz capable of offering up to 100Mbps
  • Affordable plans with no long-term contract — starting as low as $3 MXN per hour
  • Secure and easy to connect
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