ViaSat-1 Launch

ViaSat-1 Launch

ViaSat-1, the highest capacity satellite in the world, is designed to transform the economics and quality of service for satellite broadband.

With 140 Gbps total throughput capacity, the new satellite can serve the accelerating growth in bandwidth demand for multimedia Internet access over the next decade. The download and upload speeds available on ViaSat-1 are much faster than anything previously offered in the satellite industry, and are transforming the quality of satellite broadband.

The high-capacity Ka-band spot beam satellite covers North America and Hawaii, enabling a variety of new, satellite Internet access services beginning with Exede Internet in the U.S. and Xplornet in Canada.

Late last year, the technology began delivering the fastest in-flight Internet to airline passengers aboard JetBlue Airways.

Also watch animations of the what it looks like as the satellite unfolds and is readied for operation.

 ViaSat-1 blasts off fromILS launch base in Baikonur on schedule.International Launch Services

ViaSat-1 blasts off from ILS launch base in Baikonur on schedule October 19. The satellite entered commercial service January 16, 2012.

Telesat Xplornet high-speed Internet for Canada Space Systems/Loral Mansat - orbital slot


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