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As the world evolves and technologies continue to advance, the current boundaries of global communication are constantly redefined. Our relationships with university partners are key contributors to our mission to connect anyone, anywhere. The University Strategic Partnership program aims to connect those interested in advancing to the next frontier.

Who is Viasat?

Viasat is a global communications company with a mission to connect everyone and everything across the globe. Our services span from business to government and military to residential, and our technologies include everything from cybersecurity to satellite systems. As an engineer-driven company, we’re passionate about supporting cutting-edge research and students.

Find some examples of ongoing collaborative research and opportunities for students below.


Course Project Competitions

At Rice University, Viasat sponsors course project competitions within the electrical engineering graduate program. Past winning projects include:

  • “Subcarrier Mapping Schmes and Impact of Channel Estimation Errors in SC-FDMA”
  • “Space-time Block Codes”
  • “MIMO Spatial Multiplexing”



Quality of Experience for Video

Viasat partnered with SDSU to conduct research into allowing Viasat to predict the network factors that impact video quality of experience, such as frequency and length of stall, or bit rate. As a result, Viasat and the researchers were able to obtain a better prediction of when video would re-buer. Moving forward, they used training data to map data perception to the number of stalls.



Viasat Business Aviation Metrics

Viasat’s Business Aviation team was interested in finding new ways to optimize network operations and business revenue for their customers. To dig deeper into the business, UC San Diego analyzed metrics, user experience statistics, traic modeling and more to come up with a list of follow-up questions for students to further research.



Radar-Based Vehicle Location and Navigation System

Viasat collaborated with the University of Arizona student project teams to develop a “GPS-free” vehicle location and navigation system based on our industry-leading system-on-chip radar technology.



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