Link 16

MIDS JTRS 4-Channel Radio

The MIDS JTRS terminal from Viasat combines the network-centric communications capability of tomorrow with the real-time operating picture of today – all in one unit. This four-channel software-programmable radio delivers Link 16 and TACAN functionality, as well as three channels for future growth, including JTRS advanced networking waveforms such as those meeting Joint Aerial Network – Tactical Edge (JAN-TE) requirements.

MIDS-LVT(2) Link 16 Ground Terminal

The MIDS-LVT(2) Ground Station terminal is designed for use in ground installations with minimal integration effort and cost. The terminal includes a self-contained cooling and power supply unit. The MIDS-LVT(11) configuration adds voice.

Viasat’s team led the transformation in Link 16 MIDS technology by being the first to upgrade the design of many components of the terminal to provide greater flexibility, enhanced technology, decreased cost, and improved reliability. Embedded modules provide COMSEC and TACAN.

Small Tactical Terminal (STT) KOR-24A

Edge operators gain real-time combat communications and interoperability to whichever networks suit the mission, with the two-channel, software–defined Small Tactical Terminal from Viasat and Harris. The low–SWaP STT enables helicopters, ground vehicles, and other platforms to switch waveforms and network connections on the fly, merging disparate networks and delivering situational awareness to edge operators as the mission unfolds.

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