Airborne Mobile Broadband for Government Missions

Arm your mobile missions with true HD-streaming mobile broadband satellite communications so warfighters and commanders around the world can access and share high-definition video, voice, and data while on the move. Viasat’s all-in-one, end-to-end integrated mobile broadband service brings reliable, secure two-way communications to manned and unmanned aircraft, so that airborne operations can send live, full-motion high-definition video over the horizon, make phone calls, conduct video conferences, access classified networks, and perform mission-critical communications while in flight.

Antenna Systems

Viasat designs and manufactures antenna systems that lead several satellite communication markets. Worldwide installations include over 100 gateway systems for the most advanced satellite communication networks in the world. These gateways tie broadband satellite networks into high-speed fiber that forms the internet backbone.

Integrated Tactical Networking

Today, warfighters operating at the tactical edge demand a modernized network capable of providing seamless connectivity to bandwidth-demanding mission data for current and emerging applications, with resiliency to cyber and EW attack. These networks must be intuitive, open-standards based, bearer agnostic and contain the required features to ensure a secure and reliable connection to enable joint operations. These networks must handle the complexities of various technologies, connectivity and security options.

High-Speed Internet Service for Business and VIP Aviation

Now, neither does high-speed internet. Viasat Ka-band’s powerful capacity is the engine behind unparalleled speeds. Viasat is bringing its internet service with unparalleled speeds and best-in-market pricing to the business jet market. With more Ka-band capacity than any other in-flight Wi-Fi provider, Viasat enables business and private jet users to stay connected to what’s important.

Check out our video below to learn more:

Live Events

Event organizers are looking for ways to reach more audiences, enhance the experience for those in attendance, and provide greater value for sponsors. Whether it is a major sporting event or local concert, the event can be enriched through connectivity both at the event and streaming it live. Viasat makes this happen with our high-speed internet service that can be set up in any location and managed Wi-Fi to extend the onsite connection.


Live news stories happen in the heart of downtown cities, in rural locations, and everywhere in between. In order to share the story in real time, you need a service that can deliver it, no matter when and where it happens. Viasat nomadic services help you deliver the story in true live HD with high-speed internet uplinks expanding your reach and audience.  


Being connected no matter where you are has become expected and in-flight is no exception. As technology has improved, the number of uses for in-flight connectivity has evolved for both critical and non-critical communications. The appetite for more bandwidth is increasing at an exponential rate to support internet access and applications like streaming video, web browsing, aircraft safety, video conferencing, and more.

LinkWayS2 Modem

The LinkWayS2 modem is the battlefield standard for C4I communications. This hubless MF-TDMA VSAT system enables you to cost-effectively integrate a variety of applications into a single platform in any network topology – full-mesh, star (hub/spoke), or hybrid. Adaptive on-demand bandwidth allocation and bandwidth-efficient coding and modulation engineered into the LinkWayS2 system gives you cost-effective broadband connections between any LinkWay-equipped sites.

MD-1366 EBEM Modem

The U.S. Government selected the Viasat MD-1366 Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem (EBEM) to set the new standard (MIL-STD-188-165B/STANAG 4486 ed. 3) for high-speed, high-performance, flexibility and compatibility in a Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) modem. This modem uses the latest advanced modulation and coding technology, while also providing backwards interoperability with the majority of SCPC modems. It supports a large range of user data rates, from 64 kbps up to 155 Mbps, and provides power and bandwidth efficiency with 16-ary modulation and Turbo coding.

Residential Broadband Terminals

With over 2 million shipped, these are the terminals delivering exceptional, high-speed internet services to homes in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Compact and easy to install, the Viasat Residential Terminals deliver fast two-way data by satellite for web browsing, video streaming, file sharing, and other bandwidth-intensive internet applications.


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