Fabless semiconductor designer for ASICs and FPGAs

ASICs and IP Cores

Fabless Semiconductor Designer

We are a fabless semiconductor designer for ASICs, FPGAs, and other digital design projects. Our partnerships with Xilinx and Altera bring you more value and expertise, and we can help you at any stage of the design value chain.

ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits)

We design and develop ASICs in 90 nm and 65 nm processes with progress toward even smaller process technologies.

Starting with the IPSTAR modem, our expertise in complex high-speed communication ASICs has developed into SkyPHY®, the industry’s first adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) capable DVB-S2 ASIC.

The chip performs across a wide range of symbol rates and data formats, and can be embedded in broadband via satellite equipment such as SCPC modems and VSATs. It also includes the interactive services modes that enable network operators to provide the benefits of ACM to their subscribers.

Target Applications:

  • Ultra-low bandwidth satellite radio broadcasting and digital signage distribution
  • Next generation IRDs requiring simultaneous decode/demodulation of multiple transport streams
  • Ruggedized DVB-S2 receivers, SCPC modems, and VSATs
  • High-level encryption DVB-S2 satellite test and measurement
  • Military Global Broadcast Service (GBS) and Joint IP Modem networks

IP Cores

Soft RTL-based IP cores are configurable to your requirements. We partner with you to integrate the synthesizable and verified soft-core with your platform. Soft cores offer an advantage when you need limited product quantities and when bandwidth efficiency cannot be compromised.

Viasat specializes in Communication and Forward Error Correcting (FEC) IP cores developed for defense and advanced satellite and wireless communication systems.

Our IP cores are proven in ASICs and FPGAs. The flexible underlying architecture is configurable for WiMAX, 3GPP, GPON, and DOCSIS® applications.

Learn more about our FEC cores and their configurations for specific applications.

IP Cores Enable 100 Gbps Optical Communications

We’ve developed waveforms including higher-order modulation schemes and advanced FECs to overcome optical transport media channel impairments and signal degradation. We have implemented waveforms with DQPSK, OQPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, and 128QAM that are readily portable to optical channels pushing 100 Gbps and more. Our signal processing techniques are among the most advanced in the communication industry.