Data in Transit Encryption (Gov)

ELITE Solider Kit

Tactical Operations demand resilient and rapid access to user applications and multi-classification real-time and distributed cloud data needed to enable mission success. Viasat brings a holistic turn-key solution for C5 from the TOC/FOB all the way to dismounted soldiers.

SONET Replacement Encryption Solution

SONET and ATM networks have been around since the 1980's. While the process of replacing this incumbent tech with IP- technologies has been talked about over the past decade, the time has now come where SONET networks are obsolete and being replaced by Packet Switching technology over WDM and DWDM Optical Transport Networks. The transport vendors for DOD’s Networks have declared SONET gear as “End of Sale." This shift has created an urgency within the government to find a replacement solution to protect voice, data, imagery at all levels of security classification.

Viasat Expands 'Edge to Cloud' Network Encryption Portfolio with Introduction of First Type 1 100 Gbps Ethernet Encryptor

Viasat Pushes the Boundaries of Secure Networking at the Battlespace Edge with Two New NSA-Certified Network Encryptors


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