Resiliency, capacity and ease-of-use to the tactical edge

Integrated Tactical Networking

Delivering resiliency, capacity and ease-of-use to tactical edge communications

Today, warfighters operating at the tactical edge demand a modernized network capable of providing seamless connectivity to bandwidth-demanding mission data for current and emerging applications, with resiliency to cyber and EW attack. These networks must be intuitive, open-standards based, bearer agnostic and contain the required features to ensure a secure and reliable connection to enable joint operations. These networks must handle the complexities of various technologies, connectivity and security options.

Responding to calls for this critical mission need, Viasat is creating unique solutions that address the gaps in the current tactical network and are designed to integrate with existing platforms to maximize the use of large military investment in communications infrastructure.

Our solutions are capable of being set up and maintained autonomously, allowing personnel to focus on the mission at hand as opposed to troubleshooting networking problems. The solution components include an intelligent radio-aware multi-path bonding router for communication resiliency; distributed cloud for seamless access to applications and user data at upper and lower TI; network, EUD and EW sensors for cyber and EW resilience; secure multi-domain crypto and cross domain devices to support multiple classification levels; and unified network and radio orchestration tools for centralized and remote management. The solution provides simultaneous access to multiple communication networks for increased resiliency and capacity, including commercial and military SATCOM; Link 16 next-generation tactical data links; Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs); Free Space Optics (FSO), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity; plus 4G/LTE and 5G networks.

System components can be integrated at all levels including command posts, ground vehicles and aircraft, and dismounted warfighters. Network virtualization (i.e., software defined network technology) enables unprecedented levels of capability on the tactical edge, while minimizing costly hardware updates and SWaP.

Viasat has proven expertise in tactical edge networking, communications, cybersecurity and Type 1 cryptography supported by a team of field service representatives with real-world operator experience and understanding of the current challenges and CONOPs. As a solutions provider, we are uniquely qualified to bring together existing, third-party and Viasat components to deliver a complete solution to the Integrated Tactical Network.

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