Supported Security Products

We take great pride in our products and are available 7 days-a-week to support you. Our professional troubleshooting support service includes escalation access to the next level support team member.  Viasat Customer Care supports issues such as product usage guidance, product training, installation support, network and system compatability, warranty coverage, product returns and replacements, and product or driver upgrades.

Please contact us for training, service, and support related to:

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

Inline Network Encryptors (HAIPE INEs)
(e.g., KG-250, KG-250X, KG-250XS, KG-250M, KG-255, KG-255X, IPS-250, IPS-250X)
Inline Media Encryptors (IMEs)

(e.g., KG-200R, KG-200M, KG-200, KG-201)
Eclypt Self-Encrypting Hard Drives

(e.g., Eclypt Core, Eclypt Freedom)