Manage the complete Wi-Fi network life cycle

Managed Wi-Fi

Extend the Reach of Broadband Internet Services

Our Managed Wi-Fi services extend the reach of broadband internet connections with professionally installed or plug-n-play hotspots for both single and multi-site networks. Designed to be the most flexible and comprehensive Wi-Fi for carriers, enterprises, and government partners, these services enable you to deliver your own unique branded Wi-Fi hotspot experience to customers anywhere in the world on any device.

Professional Services, Architecture, and TRACKOS® Platform

We manage over 100,000 in-building and outdoor public hotspots and hotzones as well as user access from over eleven million access points worldwide.

  • Professional services span end-to-end management of Wi-Fi networks: network design, installation, reporting, monitoring, and monetization providing a common user experience across all domains.
  • Our proprietary cloud-based TRACKOS software provides automated and real-time provisioning, authentication, billing, roaming, quality of service, advertising, network monitoring, and support for guest and employee Wi-Fi networks.


Customized Experience & Network Monetization 

Customized login pages, device authentication, roaming, advertising, and other products ensure a quality experience for end users, more advertising touchpoints, and greater value for venues and businesses.

  • Network Monetization extends your brand to the Wi-Fi network through SMS/loyalty integration, advertising, mobile app integration, and roaming. 
  • Custom user experiences give partners a target, personalized advertising, and content approach.

Expanded Services Across Applications

  • Enterprise. Gives workers access to the broadband connection at any location to stay productive on-site. 
  • Government. Extend access to bases, retail locations, or other facilities.
  • Education. Customized managed Wi-Fi networks to K-12 schools and libraries to help achieve education goals and improve academic performance.
  • Events. Attendees can stay in touch and share the event experience at stadiums, concert venues, and parks. 
  • Travel/Hospitality. Whether on a cruise ship or at a hotel, provide easy access to Wi-Fi for guests.  
  • Retail/Restaurants. Value added service to attract customers and deliver customized advertising through mobile Wi-Fi. 
  • And More. Anywhere there is a broadband connection, managed Wi-Fi can extend the reach to your customers, passengers, and personnel. 

goWiFi – Managed Wi-Fi for Small Businesses

ViaSat goWiFi offers the best public Wi-Fi service with thousands of locations already deployed across North America. The plug-n-play Wi-Fi service drives more customers to your locations and extends your brand, products, and services to them over the Wi-Fi pages while at your location. In addition, we can securely support a private side employee network.

Visit our goWiFi site to learn more or to sign up for the service.


Unparalleled service, experience, breadth in our software tools, and a customer focus allow us to attract and retain some of the largest companies in the world. The proven, feature-rich offering with the best in end-user support makes goWiFi an ideal choice for any network or industry.

Speed-to-market is such a critical success factor today that we looked at a variety of ways to accelerate development. ViaSat offered us the right combination of technical expertise, commitment, and cost effectiveness that would complement and enhance our own engineering efforts. – Cole Reinwand, Comcast

We had an excellent experience working with NetNearU on a project for international 4G day pass. The team was very responsive, had extensive technical knowledge, and delivered on schedule. – Jason Schnellbacher, Sprint

* NetNearU is now ViaSat


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