Enhanced on board connectivity
From the fleet to the family

Government Maritime Broadband Service

Staying connected shouldn't stop at sea

Whether users are communicating with family back home or relaying tactical information within the fleet, Viasat's Maritime broadband services enhances the on-board connectivity and CONOPS experience of a user. Building on our strong history of providing fast, reliable internet to thousands of ships and aircraft, we are proud to deliver a seamless broadband experience to naval vessels, around the world.

Viasat's fast, flexible, and resilient connectivity delivers unprecedented network and service advantages to maritime vessels. No matter where the ship roams - over GEO, MEO and LEO constellations, across multiple satellite bands & networks, and  through congested environments - assured connectivity is possible thanks to Viasat's layered resiliency, redundancy and anti-jam protection. Viasat can provide bandwidth for multiple domains, from NIPR to SIPRNet. Our secure network and industry-leading cybersecurity services provides sailors with OPSEC controls and policy enforcement while at sea.

Pairing one of Viasat's terminals with our high-capacity satellites, ships can now receive dedicated bandwidth to support real-time communication needs. Whether it is securely transferring large files or streaming high-definition media, everyone on board can take advantage of the industry leading data rates and connectivity.

Terminal Name Operating Band Size
GMT-6524 Ku/Ka band 1m
Sailor 600 Ka 60cm
Sailor 900 Ka 1m



Broadcast bandwidth intensive media-rich applications - from Moral, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) services and entertainment to real-time transfer of ship operational data - over Viasat's assured, high-capacity network:

Viasat Maritime Broadband

Maritime Operations

  • Search and Rescue
  • UMS - Unmanned Maritime System
  • Maritime Interdiction
  • C4ISR Enabler

Welfare Maritime Applications

  • Commercial TV Content
  • Broadcast and Stream Video on Demand
  • MWR Entertainment
  • Content Management System - Hosted Education, Training, Periodicals, Publications, etc.


Understanding the need to do business better while at sea, Viasat's expands the horizons of ships, small to large, on the world's highest capacity network. From blue water, to green water, to brown water, Viasat is providing sailors with the ability to stay connected in the busiest maritime corridors.

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