Securing the grid against cyber and physical threats
Real-time security situational awareness

Critical Infrastructure Protection

OT + IT Security for Energy Delivery Systems

Real-time Secure Situational Awareness

As cybersecurity threats continue to increase, critical infrastructure operations need to ensure they can protect against and quickly respond to any threats. Our ViaSat cybersecurity platform enables mission assurance for critical infrastructure owners and operators by defending against attacks to energy delivery systems, addressing both internal and external threats to the operations networks.

  • Real-time anomaly detection
  • Increased reliability and resiliency
  • Integrated cyber-physical security
  • Quarantine compromised areas
  • NERC CIP compliance reporting

Defend Your Operations Networks

Our cybersecurity platform bundles security, automation, and compliance. Real-time situational awareness through monitoring, detection, and actionable reporting enables operators to quickly and accurately respond to events. Distributed cyber sensors throughout the network detect anomalies and quarantine compromised areas. Our platform and managed services are scalable to adapt to your networks and operational systems.

ViaSat cybersecurity was born out of our mission assurance heritage for the U.S. military and federal agencies. Providing the most secure and advanced architectures led to more efficient, reliable, and resilient communications and operational systems improving overall effectiveness.

Secure Interoperability With Commercial Open Standards

The cybersecurity platform for smart grid operational systems enables legacy and new intelligent devices to work seamlessly together so you can take full advantage of operational efficiency improvements based on new technology without compromising security. True multivendor interoperability allows the platform to integrate into any network with additional systems such as physical security, physical access control, and user access control to make grid operations more resilient and reliable.


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