From Mexico to the world. Connecting the unconnected.
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Community Wi-Fi

High-speed internet in the hardest-to-reach places

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Viasat’s project in Cienega del Toro made a positive impact that showed the power of connectivity. This was one of the many hundreds of sites that have benefitted from Viasat's initiative to connect the unconnected.

Now, hundreds of residents in towns throughout Mexico stay informed with world news, medical staff consult the data they need for proper treatment, children access educational resources, family and friends connect online.

This project represents a huge step forward in realizing our mission to connect the world by enabling access to high-speed Internet in the hardest-to-reach places. For the cost of a cell tower that connects just one location, we can bring Wi-Fi access to hundreds of rural towns across the country.

We've now extended access to more than a million people within walking distance of a hotspot across Mexico. With our growing global footprint and continuous innovation in technology, we can bridge the digital divide.

Viasat's Wi-Fi hotspots

Instant. Scalable. Affordable.

  • Installs quickly for internet access within hours
  • Can connect virtually any location within its satellite reach
  • Costs much less than traditional telecom infrastructure

Viasat Urban Wi-Fi

Advanced connectivity in major cities with fast, urban Wi-Fi

In addition to rural communities, Viasat is bringing Wi-Fi hotspots to major cities in Mexico to better serve all communities. Viasat Urban Wi-Fi offers internet with fast speeds, quality service, and affordable pricing that is highly-competitive to other terrestrial internet providers- even within the city. With speeds much faster than DSL and most mobile services, Viasat Urban Wi-Fi offers a resilient internet solution that helps bring connectivity in areas where mobile coverage is lacking.

  • Super-fast speeds, with many major cities such as Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz capable of offering up to 100Mbps 
  • Affordable, bite-sized plans with no long-term contract 
  • Secure and easy to connect
  • Prices starting as low as $5 per hour 


Collaboration with Justice

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Connect the Unconnected

More than half the world's population is unconnected.

Let's continue to make an impact.


Become a Wi-Fi hotspot provider and join us in providing access for the millions of people living in emerging and underserved areas


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