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Viasat delivers the real internet to millions of airline passengers on many of the world’s leading airlines. Today we operate the world’s highest-capacity satellite network and are on track to deliver the first truly global, truly broadband network. We want every airline passenger to have access to the same connected experience they have on the ground, with the freedom to enjoy real internet wifi access inflight, to stream their favorite content and connect up to the people who matter most…even at 35,000 feet


Plus, there's more

Our wireless in-flight entertainment delivers unparalleled content choice to passengers – no connectivity required. Airlines not ready to commit to a fully connected solution can still benefit from our innovative software and mobile apps suite for document management, electronic flight bag, and cabin management. When ready, airlines can connect up; bringing real time meaningful data flow between pilots, cabin crew, passengers and the aircraft itself. We’re ready when you are!

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In-flight Internet for all


airlines-inflight-internet-viasatAt Viasat, we think everyone on the aircraft should have access to fast, affordable Wi-Fi. Viasat in-flight internet is the service that gives you more, with unmatched speed and quality so ALL passengers experience the internet like they do on the ground. Every passenger gets their own high-speed connection, not just a pool of data that leaves them competing for service.

From movies to shopping, social media to breaking news, only Viasat helps you give passengers everything they love to do on the ground while they fly. This high engagement model enables sponsorship and advertising business opportunities to create new revenue streams

Plus, connectivity isn't just for passengers: you need real-time data, analytics, and robust view of your fleet, travelers, crew, and operations. That's all part of what we do. Some of the world's largest airlines are switching to Viasat: the best rated Wi-Fi in the sky. Find out why. Now operating on JetBlue, Virgin America, United, and EL AL, Viasat in-flight internet service is coming soon to American Airlines, Qantas, Finnair, SAS and Icelandair. Industry experts and passengers agree, it’s the Best Wi-Fi In The Sky.


Onboard Entertainment

Deliver personalized content to passenger smartphones and tablets

wireless-ife-viasat-airlinesViasat wireless IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) enhances the passenger engagement while accelerating an airline’s mobile strategy, extending brand reach, and driving ancillary revenues. A complete ecommerce and mobile entertainment platform puts control of content, service delivery and commercial strategy firmly in the hands of the airline. Our centralized, cloud-based content management portal makes it easy to select, configure and target information, entertainment, promotional items and retail offerings by origin or destination, by audience, route or on a cross-fleet basis. We provide the app software, the onboard server and WAPs (if your aircraft aren't already equipped) and your personalized content. 

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Viasat Flight Operations

Applications for flight crew, cabin crew and flight ops

Viasat aviation grade apps are available as individual app solutions or a complete connected aircraft bundle. Our Connected Aircraft Software Platform is designed to deliver Viasat apps to any mobile device and to connect the apps with the aircraft and, using available connectivity, to connect with ground systems. Our apps can also be deployed independently, integrating with your existing systems and operating on any suitable hardware.


Viasat AeroDocs Document Management

The safety and compliance document management system for aviation

documents-viasat-airlinesViasat Document Management solves problems around the distribution and viewing of airline documents with an innovative software app document viewer with advanced search and annotations. Sophisticated "per tail" distribution ensures each pilot gets the correct OEM manuals and airline documents every time. If document editing is required by the airline, our editor enables content re-use and collaboration, making the production of complex XML manuals a breeze.



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Viasat Electronic Flight Bag

Portable EFB for every fleet size with aircraft data integration

data-efb-viasat-airlinesViasat Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is a portable, Type A/B software app designed to create electronic flight folders plus distribute and view airline, Airbus, and Boeing aircraft manuals. The software enables viewing of flight documents and dynamic content on iPad and Windows devices with advanced day/night mode functionality. Safety and regulatory compliance are made easy with workflows, tracking and content linking so pilots can quickly find information they require to make quick decisions on the flight deck. This software consists of a suite of tightly-integrated modules: Manuals, Flight Briefing, Forms, Weather, Read+Sign, Viewer and Distributor.

The EFB app's modular software integrates with Viasat Document Management software as well as other elements of your IT infrastructure. Further integration with aircraft data systems and ground control uses ARINC protocols, enabling dynamic updates and reporting. Integration with flight crew briefing packs (FCBP) captures flight-related data during flight and returns the data to the ground systems in XML format, while providing secure management and controlled distribution of OFPs (Operational Flight Plans), NOTAMs, weather, and flight Logs.

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Viasat Cabin Management 

Cabin management app for flight attendant connectivity and communications

cabin-viasat-airlinesViasat Cabin Management incorporates passenger information and offers an easy interface for adding passenger comments, noting crew member suggestions, and documenting any issues that need to be addressed. It provides detailed passenger profiles, loyalty program flyers, and special needs such as meals, wheelchairs, and more. The app gives the cabin crew a way to communicate with other divisions about maintenance, catering, or operational issues that need attention, improving quality of service on all fronts. When delays or other service incidents inevitably occur, our system gives crew the tools and information that they need to recover the situation quickly, and deliver exceptional service.

The advent of low-cost mobile platforms creates an opportunity for airlines to transform in-flight service and make cabin operations and related maintenance more efficient. As the primary touchpoint between airlines and passengers, enabling cabin crew to deliver personalized and better service can increase long-term loyalty.

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