The network that makes ISR fly

Airborne Mobile Broadband for Government Missions

Worldwide Broadband Communications-On-the-Move (COTM)

Arm your mobile missions with true HD-streaming mobile broadband satellite communications so warfighters and commanders around the world can access and share high-definition video, voice, and data while on the move. Viasat’s all-in-one, end-to-end integrated mobile broadband service brings reliable, secure two-way communications to manned and unmanned aircraft, so that airborne operations can send live, full-motion high-definition video over the horizon, make phone calls, conduct video conferences, access classified networks, and perform mission-critical communications while in flight.

Our mobile broadband service powers media-enabled two-way IP communications in light to large aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles, and maritime vessels, so commanders and government leaders can stay productive while on the go. This worldwide service delivers network access faster than many home or office connections – so your aircraft literally becomes your TOC or office in the sky.

  • Send and receive emails with attachments in real time
  • Securely access SIPR, NIPR, and other private networks
  • Run IP applications
  • Place and receive phone calls
  • Send and receive streaming video
  • Conduct HD video conferences

Our breakthrough mobile SATCOM service completely transforms the way missions are executed, and brings limitless communication options to airborne operations. With affordable, worldwide service, you can bring reliable, secure, two-way broadband communications to any type of airborne mission, such as

  • Enroute Command & Control (C2) and VIP transport communications
  • Real-time ISR with HD full-motion video streaming from the aircraft in theater to command authorities beyond the horizon
  • Search & Rescue (SAR) missions for live "eye-in-the-sky" support
  • Anti-piracy and maritime interdiction
  • Telemedicine with in-flight medics video-conferencing for life-saving diagnosis and treatment


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