VINE Manager Software

  • Centrally Manage and Access up to 1,500 INEs
  • SA Wizard to Auto Populate Remote Routes and Tunnel Security Associations
  • Assign Keys to Common PPK Sequences on Multiple INEs
  • Supports HAIPE and MACsec/Ethernet Security Standard (ESS) Viasat encryption devices

VINE Manager Software

Configure and Manage Viasat Government Network Encryptors

Viasat VINE Manager™ software enables seamless management of HAIPE® and MACsec/Ethernet Security Standard (ESS) encryption devices. An intuitive tabular interface provides quick configuration and organization options to centrally manage up to 1,500 Viasat Inline Network Encryptors (INE), including current and legacy devices. With the VINE Manager application you can configure these INEs remotely and utilize wizard features to minimize management time.

The software provides a spreadsheet-like view with colorcoded identity and connectivity status information, and has grouping options for all INEs within a single dashboard. Filters are available for quick search and display capabilities, useful for finding a specific device.

With the SA and Key Wizard features, you can easily create Security Associations and Remote Routes, as well as assign keys to common Pre-Placed Key (PPK) sequences across Viasat network encryptors. VINE Manager software also allows you to edit the IP Interfaces, Traffic Flow Security (TFS), Real-Time Clock (RTC), and other configuration data across multiple managed devices.

VINE Manager software is free to users of Viasat NSA certified (Type 1 or CHVP) network encryptors, providing both Network Managers and Crypto Officers with robust monitoring and management capabilities.

VINE Manager