Terminal choices for accessing Viasat services


Engineering Creative Ways to Improve Connections and Productivity for You and Your Customers

Our satellite communication systems connect you with Viasat services, extending your network for business and web-centric applications. And we integrate proven third party applications with our satellite communications equipment to provide the services you need.

Here is a sampling of applications enabled by our range of terminals:

  • High-speed IP networking to previously unconnected locations with both fixed and portable options
  • Aviation broadband for Ku-, Ka-, and dual-band in-flight connectivity
  • High-performance M2M applications including emergency responders, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, mobile fleet management, and high-value asset tracking
  • Cellular extension enabling mobile network operators to profitably extend coverage to remote villages and communities beyond the reach of traditional terrestrial and mobile infrastructure
  • Telecommunications with the SkyLinx® system for public carriers, telephone companies, PTTs, government ministries, service providers, private carriers or corporations to provide high-quality telephone, data and fax services to rural and geographically isolated areas covered by C- or Ku-band satellites


The links below will take you to more detail about terminals for a variety of uses by consumers, enterprises, and governments.