Taking care of the satellite in orbit

Telemetry, Tracking and Command Systems

Taking Care of the Satellite in Orbit

Satellites are a big investment and making sure they stay on target and operate for as long as possible is essential. TT&C antenna systems are critical to maintaining and addressing satellite "housekeeping" items to ensure optimal performance. The antennas can do everything from adjust the satellite's orbit, realign the solar panels, perform system back-up, and more. We are not only the world leader in delivering telemetry and remote sensing antenna systems, but we have the most TT&C antenna systems in the field.

  • High-efficiency dual-shaped reflectors for optimum G/T

  • Sizes from 3 to 13.56 meters used in both fixed and mobile TT&C applications

  • Dual-drive motors in each axis on all systems for reliability and backlash elimination

  • Synthesized up- and downconverters for full frequency band coverage

  • Full station automation using both UNIX and Windows platforms

  • Automated scheduler, with priority contention resolution for planning satellite pass data reception

We are ideally suited to provide a system tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

  • Automated sweep for coherent and non-coherent acquisition

  • S-band transmit capability for satellite uplink commands

  • High dynamics Elevation/Azimuth/Tilt, Elevation/Azimuth/Train and X/Y pedestals

  • Digitally implemented servo controls with optimal state model filtering for the ultimate in tracking accuracy

  • Low and high data rate demodulators and bit synchronizers (6 to 320 Mbps) provide data reception

  • Built-in automated system tests for troubleshooting and confidence

  • Fiber-optic interconnects available for systems where the control room and antenna are positioned distant to one another