Tracking the most demanding targets


Reliable, Precision Tracking for the Most Demanding Targets

For over 50 years Viasat has revolutionized telemetry tracking systems, developing innovative antennas, feeds, and controls. From the earliest UHF systems in the early 1960s to our latest C-band feed, we have been dedicated to advancing telemetry systems, with hundreds installed.

Tracking the Most Demanding Targets

Difficult tracking applications require precision tracking performance and accurate telemetry data acquisition, even on the most difficult targets. Our 2.4 Meter Telemetry Tracking System combines superior design and tracking performance to deliver the most dependable telemetry system.

We are dedicated to developing new technology, like our high dynamic C-Band feed, to advance telemetry tracking into the future, while we continue to support your current requirements.

Extending the Life of Your Antenna System 

Our refurbishments have kept antennas working in the field for over 45 years, and they are still accurately tracking today. Take advantage of the latest technology without the expense of a new antenna, even if they are not original Viasat equipment. We do most of the work in the field to get your antenna back online as quickly as possible.

Telemetry Systems Advantages   

  • High-efficiency dual-shaped reflectors for optimum G/T
  • 2.4 to 13.56 meter size reflectors
  • Complete turn-key front end supplier, from the antenna/feed assembly to the receivers, and where applicable the diversity combiners
  • Options include slip rings, rotary joints, telescopes, cameras, acquisition antennas, and uplink capabilities

High-dynamics pedestals provide speed and acceleration for tracking high-performance fighter aircraft, missiles, launch vehicles, sounding rockets, helicopters, and other targets.

  • Single and dual-drive pedestals
  • Viasat antenna controllers minimize the effects of multipath when tracking low elevation targets (over water in particular)
  • Conical scan, single-channel monopulse, ESCAN and program track feeds
  • Remote control of all components using our Station Control Computer