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Secure Networking

Products to Protect Your Entire Network

ViaSat network security products are accredited and certified around the world for use by government agencies, military forces, public utilities, and education and healthcare organizations to ensure premium network and data protection. We work closely with certifying agencies to meet interoperability requirements, regularly solicit feedback from end-users to make sure our technologies are easy to use and, through a software-upgradable design, continuously evolve to meet the ever-changing threat landscape.

HAIPE® Inline Network Encryptors

Broadest range of IP network encryption from high-speeds for data centers to low SWaP for tactical military operations.

Embeddable Security Systems

FIPS 140-2 to US Type 1 embeddable security systems on a chip leveraging off-the-shelf technologies.

TT&C Ground Operating Equipment Security

New Air Force standard encryption for securing Telemetry, Tracking, and Command (TT&C).

Cross Domain Security

High assurance filters for mobile domain isolation and tactical cross domain filtering.

Secure Network Acceleration and Optimization

TCP/IP accelerator delivering up to 20% more network efficiency; stand-alone or optional embeddble upgrade in ViaSat security products.


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