xPEP TCP/IP Acceleration

  • Accelerates TCP Traffic over TDMA and FDMA Networks
  • Supports SCPS (Space Comms Protocol Standard)
  • Compact Standalone Device, Compatible with HAIPE Products
  • Also Available as Embeddable Software for ViaSat HAIPE INEs

xPEP TCP/IP Acceleration

Compact + Embeddable TCP/IP for Secure Networking

Supercharge your network to use every available packet over your secure satellite connection with the Compact xPEP from ViaSat. Because HAIPE® encryption algorithms foil the ordinary TCP acceleration techniques employed by satcom modems and VSAT equipment, secure satellite networks rely on our eXtreme Performance Enhancing Proxy (xPEP) technology to overcome latency issues. When placed in a satellite network alongside a HAIPE Inline Network Encryptor (INE), the Compact xPEP provides TCP/IP acceleration for reliable end-to-end communications without requiring any changes to end-user equipment or software. The device ensures faster, more dependable performance over high-latency links, so you can successfully run web applications, send email, and transfer files over your secure satellite connection.

  • Available via software upgrade for already deployed ViaSat KG-250, KG-250X, and IPS-250 INEs
  • Eliminates the need for extra acceleration devices in the network
  • Ideal for secure networking in mobile or space-limited environments