Secure Data Recorder

  • Multi-Channel Secure Data Recording
  • For Manned and Unmanned Platforms Operating in Air, Land, and Maritime Environments
  • Qualified to Rigorous Environments

Secure Data Recorder

Secure Video, Audio, and Data Recording for U.K. Top Secret

Co-developed by Viasat and General Dynamics U.K., the Secure Data Recorder (SDR) provides multi-channel secure data recording for manned and unmanned platforms, operating in air, land, and maritime environments. The SDR ensures that data is safely stored throughout mission operations as well as during the transfer of data on and off all types of platforms.

The SDR is based on the certified Viasat Eclypt® 600 encrypted hard drive and has been adapted for harsh operating environments. This technology is field-proven on the U.K. Future Lynx Wildcat helicopter program and provides a low-risk approach to applying existing certified Viasat encryption and flexible data interfaces for large storage capacity (512 GB+) requirements.

Three SDR Models:

  • SDR-100 Data-Only Recorder: Stores large amounts of mission data
  • SDR-200 Standard-Definition Video Recorder: Records up to eight channels of standard-definition video; ideal for retrofit applications
  • SDR-300 High-Definition Video Recorder: Records up to four channels of high-definition video


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