Multi-Mission Terminal

  • Multi-band capable, rapidly-deployable broadband for IP communications anywhere
  • Seamlessly adapts to topology and architecture of your network (mesh, hub/spoke, point-to-point)
  • Simple, accurate antenna pointing with Viasat CAMP smartphone app

Multi-Mission Terminal

Transportable, Multi-Band Satellite Communications

Quickly provide broadband IP access at any location with the rapidly deployable Viasat BAT-600 Multi-Mission Terminal (MMT). This multiband capable SATCOM terminal delivers IP-based voice, video, and data networking over X-, Ku-, commercial Ka-, and military Ka-bands, and is ready for operation with Viasat’s high-capacity satellite service.

This portable flyaway terminal is ideal for Forward Operating Bases and emergency response operations, enabling warfighters and first responders to securely access networks and establish command post communications quickly and easily. By using the included smartphone app for computer-aided manual pointing (CAMP), one person can easily set up and accurately point this terminal in less than thirty minutes with minimal training.

Providing several levels of satellite transport diversity across different networks and satellite constellations, the Viasat BAT-600 MMT is able to switch between an ArcLight® en-route mission comms network, a FDMA EBEM based point-to-point link for early entry operations, and a LinkWay™ MF-TDMA mesh at-the-halt network, simply via a software command. Additionally, the Viasat MMT is designed to switch between WGS-Ka, Commercial Ku, Viasat-1 and Viasat-2 constellations by following the standard operating procedures of a feed-arm swap.

The Viasat MMT provides operators with a unique combination of flexibility, multi-level transport diversity, and access to Viasat’s high-capacity satellite constellations, enabling secure and resilient communications, in both benign and contested environments.