Secure, spectrum-efficient line-of-sight networking

Video / ISR Data Links

Secure, Spectrum-Efficient Line-of-Sight Digital Data Links

Supporting today’s net-centric military needs to disseminate critical ISR video and metadata to warfighters at the tactical edge, the Enerlinks™ system is a secure, spectrum-efficient line-of-sight (LOS) digital data link that provides range to the horizon and integral H.264 compression for multiple HD or SD video feeds. This highly integrated, full-duplex system simultaneously transmits IP data, compressed video, metadata, serial port data, and audio from all commonly used ISR sensors.

Sensor Friendly

One small airborne box can connect all sensor equipment that communicates to the ground, eliminating the need for unwanted translation boxes. In most applications, EnerLinks can either eliminate the need for an additional C2 link, or it can provide a redundant C2 backup.

AES-256 Encrypted

Unlike analog links, EnerLinks digital data links can protect your information with integral AES-256 encryption, providing security with no added latency.

Multiple Video Feeds

Transmits multiple video feeds simultaneously, for use of both wide angle and zoom cameras at the same time. In fact, EnerLinks can compress and transmit up to four standard definition (30 FPS) streams or two high definition (1080p30 or 720p60) streams over a single downlink using the full featured EnerView™ viewer package.

Superior Spectrum Efficiency

Operate more UAVs within the same frequency band. When transmitting a single high-quality 30 FPS SD video stream, you can space channels at 2.5 MHz – allowing ten times as many aircraft to operate in a given theatre than legacy analog FM links commonly used on UAVs. Program the EnerLinksIII modem bitrate from 50 kbps to 11 Mbps to match your application.

HD Data Links

Sharper, more detailed ISR video footage is essential for exploitation and situational awareness and you can simultaneously transmit one or two HD video streams.

ISR Data Links Products  
EnerLinksIII™ HD Complete, integrated secure digital ISR data link for multiple HD video feeds 
EnerLinksII® DVA Compact digital system to convert legacy analog FM data links to a high performance digital links without changing UAV RF components 
EnerLinksIII™ Tracking Antenna System Rugged, portable autotracking antenna providing enhanced range performance for EnerLinksIII data links
EnerLinksIII™ Remote Video Terminal Complete manpack system includes EnerLinksIII Ground Modem Transceiver, antenna, battery, and cables  
HI-BEAM Transceiver   Low size, weight, and power DVB-S2 high-speed modem



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