Ka-band gateways and IP trunking for O3b Networks

IP Trunking Terminal

MEO Satellite Ground Infrastructure

Viasat was chosen by O3b Networks to design and produce Ka-band gateway teleports and high-speed IP trunking terminals for its new fiber quality, satellite based global internet backbone. These terminals enable emerging market telcos and ISPs to offer high-speed internet services to more than 150 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East that are not adequately served.

Using next-generation Ka-band satellite coverage and a common network infrastructure, operators can offer better, faster, and more affordable connectivity to their customers.

High-Speed IP Trunking

As an extension of the global fiber network infrastructure, O3b IP Trunking supplies high bandwidth with a Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite architecture that delivers fiber-like latency. The first application of the network is linking national points of presence (PoP) and connect international gateways to populations that don’t have fiber connections.

The O3b MEO constellation is operating from a circular orbit along the equator at less than one-fourth the altitude of geostationary satellites. This substantially lowers costs while creating low-latency connections that can match fiber performance. Round-trip data transmission takes only 100 milliseconds.

Viasat MEOLink IP Trunking Terminal and Teleports

In combination, the O3b satellites and the Viasat MEOLink terminal extend high-speed internet to rural markets over a cost-effective satellite connection, making the internet a truly global and universal experience.

The MEOLink IP trunking terminal includes:

  • Full motion, precision tracking antennas
  • High-speed DVB-S2 modem
  • Advanced uplink power control system

You can coordinate your system operations with the fully automated MEOLink monitor and control system.

The IP trunking terminal connects the customer to one of seven Viasat-installed O3b teleports around the world.