KG-255X IP Encryption

  • NSA-Certified Type 1 HAIPE® IS V4.2.5 and ACC Compliant
  • Minimize Network Overhead and Simplify Configurations
  • VLAN/Ethernet Tunneling, OTNK KMI Aware, PDE enabled
  • Can be used as either Layer 3 HAIPE or Layer 2 EDE*

KG-255X IP Encryption

2 Gbps IP Network Encryptor for TS/SCI Enterprise Applications

Viasat KG-255X is a rugged, Type 1 Inline Network Encryptor (INE) certified by the National Security Agency for up to TS/SCI. This flexible security appliance delivers trusted protection for your enterprise or tactical network by leveraging 2 Gbps aggregate processing power and a software-programmable architecture to meet evolving cybersecurity requirements. The KG-255X supports standard copper, fiber single-mode/multi-mode SFPs commonly used with networking equipment.

The KG-255X’s thermal design and packaging provides effective power management, high reliability and lower touch temperatures. Combined with Viasat’s highavailability rack, Viasat can accomodate high density 1U stacking of encryptors.

With the ability to host a wide range of networking features such as Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM), the Viasat KG-255X can help reduce your network overhead and seamlessly integrate remote Plain Text networks. Remotely rekey a network of HAIPE devices from a physically secure location with HAIPE-to-HAIPE over-the-air/net keying. Improve performance over high-latency links with embedded TCP/IP acceleration (xPeP). Viasat’s INE supports configurations for one-to-one, many-to-one and many-to-many multicast scenarios improving flexibility and reducing administrative overhead.

KG-255X can be used either as a Layer 3 HAIPE or Layer 2 EDE depending on the mode of operation that is activated via user selection.* In HAIPE mode it can interoperate with KG-250X/KG- 250XS/IPS-250X or any other HAIPE compliant device. It also has VLAN/Ethernet tunneling for Layer 2 data over Layer 3 networks. In the EDE-CIS mode it can interoperate directly with Viasat’s Type 1 high speed ethernet encryptors, for example the KG-142, using MACSEC to aggregate data for data center interconnect..

*Future capability available via software upgrade.

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