Secure internet access anytime, anywhere

Government Portable Broadband Terminals

High-Speed Internet Access at Temporary Sites

Our portable satellite terminals bring abundant, affordable bandwidth to any location and can play a key role in delivering the information you need with little advance notice. Designed for both commercial and government markets, both Viasat and our partners provide portable satellite terminals for use on high-capacity Ka-band satellites (with Ku- and X-band available). These terminals are ideally suited for high bandwidth applications, including those where uplink speeds from the remote location are more demanding than the downlink. 

Terminal Options

  • Multi-band SATCOM terminals that deliver worldwide IP access using X-, Ku-, and Ka-band satellites. The Global Portable Terminal 3400 (GPT-3400) weighs less than 40 lbs. and is housed in an airline IATA carry-on compliant hard case. When paired with Viasat's worldwide commercial satellite broadband network, no advanced notice is required before deploying across the globe.

Enabling Workers in the Field 

  • Government. Networked military operators can securely share full-motion HD video, high-resolution imagery, ISR, and situational awareness data in real time

The terminals enable fast web browsing and support video streaming, file transfers, and bandwidth-intensive internet applications. Deliver downstream rates up to 40 Mbps and upstream rates up to 20 Mbps, with provisioning tools that enable the network operator to create different classes of service with configurable downstream and upstream rates.