Fixed or semi-fixed high-speed satellite internet terminals

Enterprise Broadband Terminals

Fixed or Semi-Fixed High-Speed Satellite Internet Terminals

The Viasat Enterprise Terminals are designed for users of our enterprise services who require high throughput connectivity at fixed locations. Whether installed at a location for only a few months or several years, these terminals enable businesses, oil and gas workers, remote medical and peace workers, and emergency responders to easily benefit from high-speed internet even in locations where no other communications infrastructure is available.

The 75 cm and 1.2 m terminals enable fast web browsing and support video streaming, file transfers, VPN connections, and bandwidth intensive internet applications on the Exede Enterprise service which has downstream rates up to 18 Mbps and upstream rates up to 5 Mbps. The terminals can deliver higher speeds based on the service package selected. These terminals allow the flexibility to be used with fixed site or roaming service plans.

  • Oil and Gas. For longer-term drilling operations in the most demanding locations supporting several bandwidth-intensive applications simultaneously to maximize the productivity of your remote exploration and maintenance teams
  • Emergency Response. High-speed connectivity at central operations to provide the backbone communications support
  • Healthcare. Primary and backup connectivity to hospitals and medical facilities in any location  
  • Critical Infrastructure. Primary and backup connectivity for remote sites
  • Live Events. Provide internet services at venues and stadiums
  • Education. Primary and backup connections for schools  


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