Eclypt Nano Encrypted Flash Drive

  • Accredited Secure Data-at-Rest Protection
  • Rugged Waterproof Construction Designed to Meet MIL-STD 810F Standard
  • USB Plug & Play Connectivity
  • Ready for PC-on-a-Stick Applications
  • Remote Authentication Enables Encryption of Data in Hard-to Access Locations

Eclypt Nano Encrypted Flash Drive

Rugged, Waterproof, Portable Flash Drive with Full-Disk Encryption

In the event of theft, loss, or attack, this portable flash drive ensures that your data is completely protected and secure. Eclypt technology integrates sophisticated authentication, entire-disk encryption and data storage into tamper resistant internal or portable hardware that safeguards your data.

  • Accredited protection: UK Top Secret & Below, Canada Secret & Below, and FIPS 140-2
  • Up to 4GB capacity
  • Unique tamper-proof and tamper-evident construction
  • Multiple user profiles—3-tier management system
  • Lifetime key (user-defined with protection level 200)
  • Non-volatile keys stored within tamper proof device, protected by AES-256 keywrapin