High - speed secure networking
Protect voice, data, and imagery at all levels of security

Data in Transit Encryption for Governments

Flexible Secure Networking for Any Mission

Securely share voice, video, and data.  Flexible security appliances that deliver trusted protection for your enterprise or tactical network. From high-speed secure networking for data centers to low size, weight, and power encryption for tactical military operations, Viasat offers the broadest range of US Type 1 certified products to keep your sensitive information up to TS/SCI secure. 

NSA-Certified Inline Network Encryptors


Type 1 HAIPE network encryption for enterprise or tactical applications (2Gbps aggregate)


Compact, rugged high-speed Type 1 HAIPE network encryption (200Mbps aggregate)


Smallest, rugged, Type 1 HAIPE network encryption for telecommuting, flyaway kits, small UAVs, and other dismounted or field applications (100Mbps aggregate)


Non-CCI CHVP Type 1 HAIPE network encryption for high-risk operations such as UAVs, unattended sites, and sensors (200Mbps aggregate)


TT&C End Cryptographic Unit


The 1st 200Gbps (aggregate) Type 1 Layer 2 Ethernet encryptor, capable of operating at multiple speeds ranging from multiple 20Gbps to 200Gbps, and supports multiple point-to-point connections