High - speed secure networking
Protect voice, data, and imagery at all levels of security

End to End Encryption for a Secure Workforce

Flexible Secure Networking for Any Mission

Securely share voice, video, and data. Flexible security appliances that deliver trusted protection for your enterprise or mobile network. From high-speed secure networking for data centers to low size, weight, and power encryption for defense and federal operations, Viasat offers the broadest range of US Type 1 certified products to keep your sensitive information up to TS/SCI secure.

What security solution is best for me? 

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NSA-Certified Inline Network Encryptors


Type 1 HAIPE network encryption for enterprise or tactical applications (2Gbps aggregate)


Compact, rugged high-speed Type 1 HAIPE network encryption (200Mbps aggregate)


Smallest, rugged, Type 1 HAIPE network encryption for telecommuting, flyaway kits, small UAVs, and other dismounted or field applications (100Mbps aggregate)


Non-CCI CHVP Type 1 HAIPE network encryption for high-risk operations such as UAVs, unattended sites, and sensors (200Mbps aggregate)


TT&C End Cryptographic Unit


The 1st 200Gbps (aggregate) Type 1 Layer 2 Ethernet encryptor, capable of operating at multiple speeds ranging from multiple 20Gbps to 200Gbps, and supports multiple point-to-point connections

COVID UPDATE: To help government and military personnel working from home and other remote areas, Viasat is delivering a non-CCI network encryption solution designed to help government employees, first responders, elected officials and warfighters securely access SECRET and below data from any location equipped with a personal, public or private broadband network. Please contact 844-725-5608 for more details.