High-speed encryption and secure data transport

Data in Transit Encryption for Enterprises

Efficient Protection for High-Volume Content Distribution

Encryption is an essential step in keeping your sensitive data safe, especially as it traverses the world from building-to-building and data center-to-data center. With Viasat’s line of high-speed encryption appliances and virtual network functions (VNF), you get trusted high-performing protection with near-zero latency, ensuring your important voice, video, and data is securely and quickly delivered wherever it needs to go.

Viasat is the 1st to introduce true 100 Gbps Ethernet encryption! Our SEC-1170 single-port high-speed appliance not only delivers the industry’s lowest latency, but also scales from 10 to 40 to 100 Gbps, seamlessly evolving as your network grows.

Viasat encryption is accredited and used by enterprises, educational institutes, governments, and militaries worldwide. Our SEC family of products are part of a controlled supply chain and manufactured in the United States.

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End-to-End Protection

High-speed Ethernet encryption (AES-256) appliances and software for securing content distribution and caching, network load balancing and resiliency, disaster recovery, cloud exchange points, and data center interconnectivity.