Powerful networking — even over severely degraded channels

Viasat Data Controllers

Networking for Tactical Radios

Viasat Data Controllers (VDCs) work with all Combat Net Radios to deliver powerful, easy-to-use networking — even over severely degraded radio channels. Using a tactical radio, computer, and VDC, you can send notes and files, share video, and run IP applications over wireless channels using a tactical radio. Lab and field test have repeatedly verified that VDCs are the highest-performance system for sending data over all tactical radios.

Fast, Simple Notes and Files

Send notes and files even over severely degraded radio channel – even over channels too noisy for voice up to twice as fast as competing products. Because VDCs send data faster, they use less radio power during transmission, so your radio batteries last longer.

Easy, Powerful Networking

Extend networking beyond notes and files to share streaming video, imagery on demand, whiteboard collaboration, and use apps like FalconView and C2PC for situational awareness mapping.

Global Interoperability

VDCs work with all major brands of tactical radios, so you are assured interoperability across Harris, Thales, Rockwell, and other U.S. and coalition radios. It's a simple way to bring networking to your coalition operations.

Field-Proven Reliability

Used around the world for over ten years, over 15,000 warfighters have trusted VDCs for dependable – even life-saving – networking over tactical radio.

Viasat Data Controllers + Support Software Description
VDC-550 IP router data controller fuses beyond-line-of-sight and line-of-sight networks together
VDC-555 Embeddable data controller for IP or MIL-STD-188-184 data networking
VDC-850 Compact and lightweight with USB requirements for warfighters at the tactical edge
VDC eMail Software Enables powerful email, chat, and file sharing over wireless channels
VDC IP Software Enhanced networking software provides tactical edge warfighters access to IP applications