Cellular Network Extension System

An attractive and profitable option for mobile operators:

  • GSM mobile and/or fixed line voice
  • SMS messaging – mobile banking and improved healthcare
  • 3G/GPRS/EDGE data

Cellular Network Extension System

Delivering Profitable Mobile Access to Underserved Communities

Delivering Profitable Mobile Access to Underserved Communities

In a world where two-thirds of the population has mobile access, it seems that everyone has cellular service. But many remote villages and communities throughout the world are beyond the reach of traditional terrestrial and mobile infrastructure. This system is a profitable means to entice mobile network operators (MNOs) to extend GSM cellular coverage into these areas.

Mobile Connection Benefits Everyone

Whether a village is made up of a few hundred people or several hundred thousand, it is its location that determines access to services, not the size of the community. Providing these off-the-grid communities with mobile access can increase the economic potential of the village and have a significant impact on its standard of living:

  • The ability to sell and promote goods and services outside of itsregion
  • Access to global banking and many other mobile applications
  • Improve healthcare through reminders and access to information on medications
  • And much more...

New Ways to Bring Profitable Mobile Access to Remote Villages

The Viasat Cellular Network Extension System, designed specifically for mobile services, is available as a managed service or an MNO can purchase the infrastructure equipment, allowing the most cost-effective ownership based on the operator's requirements. The mobile infrastructure, with solar power and satellite connectivity has low operating costs and is a sustainable alternative to other options. The efficiency of the site makes costs of services over satellite comparable to terrestrial services. The result is the lowest per-communication cost, which translates into profits for network operators and essential services for remote communities. Today in Africa, the system is helping RascomStar-QAF bring communications services to the areas most in need. 

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Support Notes

  • Read our editorial addressing the challenges faced by profitably connecting remote villages to a mobile voice and data infrastructure and how we are solving those challenges with our Cellular Network Extension System.