BATS-E Embeddable, Very Low-SWaP Link 16 Radio

  • Single-Channel Link 16 Comms for Targeting Pods and Network Enabled Weapons
  • Real-Time Situational Awareness for More Accurate Tracking, Identification, and Engagement
  • Specifically Designed for Minimal Payload Impact

BATS-E Embeddable, Very Low-SWaP Link 16 Radio

Battlefield Awareness and Targeting System- Embedded

BATS-E 1000 Embeddable, Very Low-SWaP Link 16 Radio

The Viasat Battlefield Awareness and Targeting System-Embedded (BATS-E) radio arms users who have extremely low size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements with secure, jam-resistant Link 16 communications for real-time situational awareness and command and control.

With Viasat’s BATS-E, SWaP-constrained systems, including targeting pods and network enabled weapons are now fully integrated into the Common Operational Picture. This 360-degree visibility provides all Link 16 network participants with the ability to see, relay, and share situational awareness data and allows for more accurate tracking, identification, and engagement so edge warfighters have a clearer view of the battlespace.

Optimized for embedded applications, the low SWaP BATS-E delivers maximum operational flexibility as the mission unfolds. Edge warfighters have the ability to send targeting information while in flight for secure, reliable weapons delivery to significantly decrease the time in high-threat environments and reduce the risk of fratricide. 



Nov. 10-12