Data Controllers

Viasat Secures Major U.S. Government Contract for the Protected Tactical Service Field Demonstration Award

Situational Awareness

The fog of war. The chaos of combat. On the battlefield, you have only seconds to spot and identify a friend or foe on the horizon before deciding whether or not to engage – all while risking being fired upon. In today’s conflicts, friendly fire is a growing risk, as warfighters face split-second life-or-death decisions.

Viasat plays a vital role in preventing friendly fire to save lives by powering the next-generation Blue Force Tracking 2, and Situational Awareness SATCOM and line-of-sight communications for the U.S. and allied forces.

Viasat Data Controllers

Viasat Data Controllers (VDCs) work with all Combat Net Radios to deliver powerful, easy-to-use networking — even over severely degraded radio channels. Using a tactical radio, computer, and VDC, you can send notes and files, share video, and run IP applications over wireless channels using a tactical radio. Lab and field test have repeatedly verified that VDCs are the highest-performance system for sending data over all tactical radios.

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