Airborne/Mobile Broadband

Airborne Mobile Broadband for Government Missions

Arm your mobile missions with true HD-streaming mobile broadband satellite communications so warfighters and commanders around the world can access and share high-definition video, voice, and data while on the move. Viasat’s all-in-one, end-to-end integrated mobile broadband service brings reliable, secure two-way communications to manned and unmanned aircraft, so that airborne operations can send live, full-motion high-definition video over the horizon, make phone calls, conduct video conferences, access classified networks, and perform mission-critical communications while in flight.

ViaSat-2: Getting Ready for Launch

A question the Viasat program team is often asked is: what happens leading up to a satellite launch? Let’s take you through the ViaSat-2 journey – now that we’ve shipped the satellite from the Boeing Satellite Systems International factory in El Segundo, Calif., to the launch site in Kourou, French Guiana. As you’ll learn, a lot happens in the weeks leading up to its ride into space.



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