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Talent and Acquisition Temporary and Placement Firm Q&A

Viasat partners with a number of firms to meet our talent acquisition needs around the globe.

These partnerships are mission critical to our organization and are valued by our organization.

If you are a firm that would like to partner with Viasat or have questions about working with Viasat as a vendor partner, please click on the corresponding question below:


Can I submit unsolicited resumes?

No, out of respect for our current partnerships and our teams, all unsolicited resumes will be considered Viasat’s property and Viasat will not be obligated to pay a referral fee or any other compensation. Unsolicited resumes include, but are not limited to:

  • Resumes submitted to any Viasat employee without an existing valid contract signed by the Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations or their designee
  • Regardless of the existence of a valid contract, resumes submitted directly to any  Viasat employee outside of the designated Viasat Agency Portal or via any other means not authorized in advance in writing by the Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations or their designee
  • Resumes submitted to any Viasat employee by a firm that has had a contract terminated for any reason by either party

How do I become a partner firm?

New partner firms are selected primarily during our annual vendor review process which typically takes place in June each year.

Other firms may be added throughout the year based on identified business needs. These firms will often be selected from those that have requested to participate in our next review cycle.

If you would like to participate in our next review cycle, please send the following information to

  • Basic company contact information including name, location(s), main phone number, point of contact name and point of contact phone number
  • Area(s) for specialty/strength to include types of roles, industries, etc.
  • Region(s) in which you operate
  • Any brochures or other collateral information you would like to share in helping us determine your capabilities
  • Also indicate if you are any of the following, please note you may be any combination of:
    • Women owned business
    • Minority owned business
    • Veteran owned business
    • Owned by those with disabilities

How does a firm know if they have been selected to be a partner?

Firms selected for partnership will be notified and will be asked to sign a contract provided by Viasat. They will also receive an information packet and will be asked for the individuals they would like to have access to the Viasat Vendor Portal (generally no more than 3 people- an east coast, west coast and international representative). These individuals will be set up with accounts on our Vendor Portal.

Does Viasat work with contingency firms, retained firms or both?

Viasat primarily works with contingency search firms, but will, in rare occasion, work with retained search firms. Because of this infrequent use, Viasat generally will not have contracts in place in advance with retained firms unless there is a specific and known business need. In a situation where a retained firm would be needed, Viasat will reach out as appropriate.

How are partner firms selected for engagements?

A number of different factors are considered including vendor capability, region(s) in which the work will be done and/or where talent pools exist, vendor performance, recruiter and hiring manager preferences and past experience.

How do partner firms find out about engagements they have been selected to work on?

Generally our Recruiter will reach out via email or phone to the firm(s) selected to let them know a role will be sent to the firms designated contact via our Vendor Portal.

What is the process for a firm working with Viasat that is selected for an engagement?

Each engagement can be different, but our general process is as follows:

  • Viasat will select the vendor(s) to engage for a particular open requisition
  • Viasat’s Recruiter will reach out to the selected firm(s) with some basic information and let them know a new role is going to be sent via the Vendor Portal
  • The role is made available to the selected firms via the Vendor Portal
  • A call is set up between the Recruiter, the hiring manager and the selected firm(s) to answer questions about the role, expectations, etc.
  • The selected firm(s) sends candidates through the vendor portal, the Recruiter reviews the submissions, sends them to the hiring manager as appropriate

What should we do if a Viasat hiring manager approaches our firm directly?

In the spirit of being a good partner, we ask that you redirect the hiring manager to the Talent Acquisition Department and notify your contact within Viasat’s Talent Acquisition Team so we can also reach out to the hiring manager to provide guidance.

Can we submit candidates outside of the Vendor Portal?

No. Vendors may only submit candidates outside of the vendor portal with prior written consent by the Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations. Resumes submitted outside of the portal may be considered an unsolicited resume. All unsolicited resumes will be considered Viasat’s property and Viasat will not be obligated to pay a referral fee or any other compensation.

What is the process if the Vendor Portal is not working properly?

The Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations will reach out with additional guidance should the issue persist beyond a short period of time.

Why do we need to submit our candidates via a Vendor Portal?

Some of the reasons all resume submittals need to be through the Vendor Portal include, but are not limited to:

  • This is the most effective means of getting candidate information to our Recruiter and our hiring manager and through the selection process
  • Making sure duplicate submissions are managed and tracked properly
  • Provides a means for everyone to manage and track candidates that are submitted
  • Since all vendor performance metrics are tracked, this ensures that submissions and subsequent performance of those submissions are included in our metrics

How do we find out about the status of our submitted candidates?

The primary methods would be via the statuses that are provided in the Vendor Portal and through the Viasat Recruiter that you have been working with on the engagement.

What if my firm has a concern to address with Viasat? Who should we contact?

Contact the Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations to discuss the issue. Depending on the nature of the issue, other individuals may also help with resolving the issue.

I logged into our account on the Vendor Portal, but I do not see any open roles to work on, why is that?

When Viasat selects a firm to work with us on a specific engagement, that open requisition only becomes available to the firms we select.

Who should we send our invoices to?

Information about where to send invoices will be provided in the vendor information packet that all new firms receive. If you have further questions, please contact the Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations.

How does Viasat measure vendor performance?

Viasat will measure vendor performance based on a variety of metrics including but not limited to: yield ratios, time to fill, percentage of successful placements vs. engagements, feedback from Recruiters and managers, etc. Viasat reserves the right to base decisions about partnerships and contracts entirely at the discretion of designated Viasat leadership.

Will Viasat end partnerships because a vendor is under performing, not following process and/or is receiving negative feedback?