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Engineering Professionals

We’re leading the pace of change in our markets — constantly creating better ways for people to connect. For you, that means plenty of challenging projects and working alongside some of the best minds in the business. Your career path here is in your hands, determined by your ideas and drive. Get started by applying now so we can meet you.

Hardware Engineering
Networking + Cybersecurity Engineering
Software + Data Science Engineering
System Engineering

Hardware and Mechanical Engineering Professional

Hardware + Mechanical Engineering

Our systems and services run on devices we design and build. We are doing things that most people thought were impossible, let alone profitable. Our hardware engineers are experts in RF/analog design (MMICs and boards), digital design (circuits and boards), signal processing, and programmable logic (FPGA and ASIC).

Our mechanical engineers use the latest 3D modeling and analytical tools to design everything from in-home networking appliances to ruggedized military equipment to large tracking antennas. We support new products by fabricating and testing prototypes in close collaboration with management, business development, and engineering teams.

Networking and Cybersecurity Engineering Professional 002

Networking + Cybersecurity Engineering

We are a secure networking company and an internet service provider. We architect, build, and operate some of the most advanced secure networks around the globe. Being vertically integrated means we can optimize the performance of our networks by integrating at all layers in the protocol stack. Being an ISP means we defend and react to cyber threats in real time.

We develop military-grade information assurance products and secure critical infrastructure networks from the inside, not just on the perimeter. We provide consumer satellite internet service to secure our infrastructure and provide high-quality and high-speed service to our customers virtually anywhere on the globe — whether they are on the ground, on the water, or in the air.

Software and Datascience Engineering Professional 002

Software Engineering + Data Science

We develop software at all levels of our technology stack — embedded software on custom hardware with multiple processors and FPGAs, large-scale applications, cloud-based big data analysis tools, and web and mobile device applications to provide vertically-integrated, secure broadband products and services.

We have a growing team of data scientists who ask critical strategic questions about our services, and then answer those questions by designing algorithms to analyze massive data sets, often in near real time. As the data is produced, they implement those algorithms and create visualizations of the results. The results drive changes to all parts of the stack, to refine and optimize our service offerings.

System Engineering Professional

System Architecture, Integration, + Verification Engineering

We design and integrate large scale complex systems, working with customers to analyze markets and understand the critical use cases of our systems. We design architectures and requirements to guide the rest of the engineering teams working to build them. We understand how to efficiently verify the accuracy and robustness of our systems, working closely with management and all other engineering disciplines throughout product life cycle.