MIL + NATO standards for C4I satellite broadband networks
Powering the largest tactical networks
At-the-halt and on-the-move C4I broadband communications
Multi-mission broadband: switch networks on the fly

C4I SATCOM Networking

High-Speed Modems for Air, Land, and Sea

As commanders and warfighters need to share and disseminate information to military forces everywhere, Viasat’s SATCOM modems and C4I networking platforms serve as a high-speed, high-capacity tactical networking backbone to reach every corner of the battlespace. Viasat powers C4I networks like US Army WIN-T, US Air Force GBS, DISA Teleports, NATO SGS, and many more with a wide range of networking topologies and SATCOM technologies. With DoD MIL-STD and NATO designations, Viasat’s modems are the military and de facto standards for superior bandwidth efficiency, capacity, security, and performance to ensure at-the-halt and on-the-move communications and fast, reliable access to information across all domains.

Which Modem Is Right For Your Mission?

  Joint IP Modem MD-1377 EBEM MD-1366 LinkWays2 CBM-400
Core Applications

DoD-standard for hub-spoke IP SATCOM

DoD-standard for high-speed FDMA trunks IP SATCOM for fixed and comm-on-the-move tactical terminals Software-Defined Modem, runs LinkWayS2, ArcLight, EBEM, plus others
Network Topology Hub/Spoke Point-to-Point (FDMA, SCPC) Hubless/Mesh

Point-to-Point, Hub/Spoke, Full Mesh
Mobile Capability Fixed Fixed, Maritime, Airborne Fixed, Maritime, Airborne, Ground Mobile Fixed, Maritime, Airborne, Ground Mobile
Satellite Bands X, C, Ku, Ka X, C, Ku, Ka X, C, Ku, Ka X, C, Ku, Ka
Certification/Compliances DIACAP, STANAG 4622 ed. 2, DSCS and WGS-certified, IPv6 conformant MIL-STD-188-165B, STANAG 4486 ed. 3, DSCS and WGS-certified MIL-STD-810F, WGS-certified DO-160G, MIL-STD-810G, WGS-certified
Throughput (Mbps) Fwd: 165

Ret: 4.5* (expansion to 18)
Tx: 155

Rx: 155
Tx TDMA: 14

Rx TDMA: 14

DVB-S2 Rx: 80

Up to 400 Mbps combined (based on waveform)

Tx up to 52 Msps

Dual Rx: Up to 170 Msps

Security FIPS 140-2,

Level 2
FIPS 140-2,

Level 2
FIPS 140-2,

Level 2

FIPS 140-2, Level 2

Form Factor 1U rack 1U rack 1U rack 1u rack, 1/2 ATR Chassis, Embeddable module, and Ruggedized enclosure