Keeping mobile applications connected

Mobile Satellite Terminals

Satellite Terminals for Mobile Applications

Having instant access to information while on the go has never been more important. Viasat paves the way with mobile broadband terminals that deliver two-way IP communications in light to large aircraft, ground vehicles, and maritime vessels, keeping users productive and informed on numerous mobile commercial and military platforms. Whether you're at 35,000 feet or driving leisurely through the countryside, we keep you connected.

Ka-band Terminals

Viasat has changed the perception of satellite broadband with Viasat-1, the highest capacity satellite in the world. It delivers a much faster, high-performance satellite internet connection while keeping costs affordable. This performance opens up a number of opportunities for mobile applications where users have higher service level expectations, there is no service available or satellite was too expensive.
  • The Viasat Aero Mobile Terminal, models 2540 and 2532, are a key component in delivering a superior connection to commercial and VIP aircraft with typical connection speeds of 70 to 100 Mbps to the aircraft and 2.5 to 20 Mbps from the aircraft.
  • The Viasat Aero Mobile Terminal 5230 is an integral part in bringing high-speed internet service to large cabin and select long-range business jets.

Ka-/Ku-band Terminals

The Viasat Global Aero Terminal 5320 brings faster in-flight internet speeds over more of the globe by accessing the best available satellite service on Viasat’s global mobility network.This advanced airborne system allows for roaming between Viasat high capacity Ka- and Ku-band networks and is capable of connection speeds of 70 to 100 Mbps to the aircraft and 2.5 to 20 Mbps from the aircraft at Ka-band.

Ku-band Terminals

Our VMT-1500 communications shipset is designed for large cabin business and military aircraft on our Viasat global network. It is the lightest, smallest-footprint Ku-band terminal for high-speed internet access to aircraft.

L-band Terminals

The Viasat L-band Managed Service meets the need for secure, reliable and affordable data and voice connectivity during all phases of flight. The service uses the Viasat Aviation Terminal 2220 offering the highest data rates among satellite terminals of its size. The single line replaceable unit combines an antenna, RF front-end and modem into one assembly.