Distance Learning – Proven Broadband Technology Matched with Innovation and a Successful Deployment Track

ViaSat’s vast experience in successfully delivering dozens of distance learning networks world-wide and deploying very large-scale satellite-based broadband Internet networks helps to ensure the success of your Interactive Distance Learning Project

A significant positive trend in the understanding of the effectiveness and importance of distance learning and e-learning has emerged over the past five years. As a result many governments and private organizations world-wide are funding and deploying distance learning projects with great success. Through a combination of the Internet, satellite-based interactive broadband networks, and integration with distance learning software packages and educational content, the “distance” has been removed and advanced learning is reaching millions upon millions outside of major population centers. And the growth trend is expected to continue for the next five years—as education continues to prove itself as a cornerstone to economic advancement in countries around the world.


Distance learning classroom.And over the past decade, ViaSat has provided satellite-based broadband networking equipment and integration support to dozens of service providers, NGOs, and government entities to implement distance learning at many tens of thousands of locations across Asia, South and Central America, and Africa. In total, ViaSat has delivered over 850,000 VSAT systems that provide access through our service provider partners worldwide.

This whitepaper details the particular requirements of the distance learning market and how these networks can be successfully implemented with careful consideration and selection of the proper technology. Additionally, the paper highlights a number of key client networks to enable you to more clearly appreciate the magnitude of the success of the organizations using our distance learning systems on a global basis.


Download the complete ViaSat satellite distance learning whitepaper.