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Connect Up with Us on ViaSat-2

Viasat is focused on bringing high-speed, high-quality connectivity to the world. This effort initially began with the launch of ViaSat-1 and will continue with the availability of the world’s foremost communications satellite, ViaSat-2.

Scheduled to launch on June 1 from the Guiana Space Centre, Europe’s Spaceport, in Kourou, French Guiana aboard the Ariane 5 rocket, ViaSat-2 will deliver enhanced performance and the fastest speeds ever from a satellite to our customers at home, in a cafe, in the air or even on the battlefield.

ViaSat-2 is expected to double the bandwidth of ViaSat-1, with more than 300 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of total network capacity, as well as provide seven times the broadband coverage over its predecessor. 

This site will be dedicated to continuous updates from Viasat on the progress of ViaSat-2 as it travels from its launch site to its final orbital slot destination – located at 69.9° west longitude – 22,236 miles above the Earth’s equator. We will post technical capabilities of ViaSat-2; showcase ViaSat-2 in media stories from across the globe; spotlight our partners; and feature videos, posters and other content highlighting the most-capable communications satellite ever built.

If you have any questions, or want specific information on ViaSat-2 – feel free to reach out to us at:


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