Exede In The Air Wins Apex Avion Best Achievement in Technology Award
The Viasat Commercial Mobility team celebrates with the APEX Avion award, one of four recent awards for Exede In The Air.

Best Wi-Fi in the Sky: Don’t Take Our Word for it, Trust the Experts

Confused about which in-flight internet claims are true and which service is best? See what third-party experts have clearly decided.

The volume of conflicting marketing messages swirling around in-flight connectivity these days could fill a few jumbo jet cabins. While passengers know the best when they experience it, airline executives are understandably confused when comparing technologies that enable it.

But third-party industry experts, asked to judge which connectivity technology is ahead of the rest, don’t seem to be confused at all.

In less than a year, Viasat Exede® In The Air in-flight internet swept up four major industry awards, and also emerged as the one flavor of in-flight internet rated “Best Wi-Fi” by a new independent rating service offered to airline passengers.

First, the awards:

  • APEX Avion Best Achievement in Technology, September 2014
  • 2014 Via Satellite Excellence Award for In-Flight Connectivity, March 2015
  • Crystal Cabin Award in the Passenger Comfort Systems Category, April 2015
  • 2014 Excellence in Avionics for In-Flight Connectivity Innovation, June 2015

Then, a new airline amenity-rating service called Routehappy also recognized the high-performance of Exede In The Air with its highest ranking. Only JetBlue and United flights offering the Viasat service have earned the Routehappy “Best Wi-Fi” ranking for in-flight Wi-Fi.

In less than a year, Viasat Exede In The Air in-flight internet swept up four major industry awards
APEX, Via Satellite, Crystal Cabin, Avionics

Passengers Have Chimed In Too

The secret is that when all the talk dies down, passengers prefer to fly with airlines offering Exede In The Air service because the online performance they get is like what they experience at home. The expert panels naming the award winners take those passenger comments into account. Combined with Viasat’s significant leap forward in network technology, it’s been enough to convince them to consistently judge Viasat-powered service as the best. With its one-of-a-kind service level allocation to every seat, they see that Exede In The Air is the only service that enables every passenger to bring aboard their own mobile devices and continue to use the same apps and online streaming services that they would on the ground.

They’re also convinced that the trend to free or very inexpensive Wi-Fi we see playing out everywhere else – hotels, airports, coffee shops – should extend to travelers in the sky as well.  Network limitations of other in-flight internet alternatives don’t allow airlines to economically offer that kind of speed and data volume, or service pricing, so those other services must restrict access to some applications and online video streaming, and charge higher prices to limit the number of passengers who log on just to prevent service levels from deteriorating. The high-capacity Viasat network, on the other hand, is purpose-built to provide a high quality, economical internet and entertainment experience.

We could explain more about our world’s highest capacity satellite that powers Exede In The Air, and how it gives you more bits per buck. Or that we’ll soon launch a new satellite with double the capability of that one, plus add far greater reach for our service. But rather than confuse you again, we’ll just leave you with the clear answer from the experts.

Award-winning Exede In The Air is the best Wi-Fi in the sky.

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