BAE U.K. Selects Viasat Small Tactical Terminal for DA20 Falcon

Component of airborne tactical communications network for U.K. Defence

Carlsbad, Calif. – November 22, 2013  BAE Systems, U.K. has selected Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT) to provide the Small Tactical Terminal (STT) KOR-24 for installation on the Cobham Falcon 20 for support of Link 16 network pre-deployment training. Having passed the U.K. Ministry of Defence (MOD) safety case certification in December of 2012, the STT, a co-development of Viasat and Harris Corp., is the first certified VHF/UHF and Link 16 two-channel radio authorized for transmission in the U.K. airspace on any platform that has the same clearance approval.

The Cobham program meets requirements for the Royal Navy Joint Support Air Tasking Organization for fleet data link training and compatibility management of naval assets prior to operational deployment. With greatly improved data throughput and multi-level security, it provides a wide area system that binds together and reinforces tactical communications. It is an important component of network-enabled capability, a key element in the Joint Support Air Tasking data link training development. Integration of the dual-channel STT into the Falcon will be an important part of U.K. enduring tactical data link training.

The STT/KOR-24 is the first and only fully-certified, two-channel, Link 16 and VHF/UHF radio terminal, providing simultaneous communication of voice and/or data. The terminal reduces the size, weight, and power of tactical data link equipment and includes a range of software-defined VHF/UHF military radio and Link 16 functions. The VHF/UHF channels provide the soldier with the capability of inserting time-critical data on the Link 16 network using software programmable waveforms such as HaveQuick and SINCGARS. At only 16 pounds, the STT/KOR-24 with its two-channel capability, is finding a variety of applications in helicopters, light aircraft, small boats, UAVs, and ground forces including vehicles and a wide variety of “shelterized” communication nodes.

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