Real-time SA to the warfighter: satellite and line-of-sight

Situational Awareness

Live, Clear 360° View of the Battlespace in the Fog of War

The fog of war. The chaos of combat. On the battlefield, you have only seconds to spot and identify a friend or foe on the horizon before deciding whether or not to engage – all while risking being fired upon. In today’s conflicts, friendly fire is a growing risk, as warfighters face split-second life-or-death decisions.

Viasat plays a vital role in preventing friendly fire and saving lives by powering next-generation Situational Awareness SATCOM systems like Blue Force Tracking 2 (BFT2) and line-of-sight/Link 16 communications for U.S. and allied forces.

These technologies continously monitor the location and status of friendly and enemy forces so mobile warfighters see a clear, up-to-date Common Operating Picture for accurate SA. Along with Position, Location, Identification (PLI) information, these systems allow warfighters to message each other and coordinate mission execution to reduce fratricide, precisely allocate firepower, and diffuse threatening situations.