Real-time intel, video, maps, voice, and data while in flight

Situation Room in the Sky

Mission Planning, Command Center, + Enroute Communications While In Flight

Command and Control operations now have the ability to stay as productive in the air as they are on the ground. While enroute on aircraft, commanders can stay connected, informed, and productive, with Situation Room and Command Center connectivity in the sky. Securely access private or public networks. Place and receive phone calls. Access live video streams and conduct video teleconferences, all while in flight.  

With secure, airborne mobile broadband from Viasat, commanders and government leaders can access real-time intel, address and coordinate with remote teams, collect information, make decisions, and carry out plans from 30,000 feet up.  

Viasat's high-capacity satellite broadband services ensure remarkably fast data speeds and abundant bandwidth to support all communications for entire teams enroute. With plenty of bandwidth to go around, there’s no need to limit high-speed connections to be available only for senior leadership. Maximize the effectiveness of time en-route for everyone on board.